Tacx Trainer software 4  Software Updates


To enjoy the latest features and benefit from bug fixes, it is important to always use the latest version of the Tacx Trainer software. You then have the least chance of faults or errors when training with our software.

There are two ways to update the software: 1) automatically via the software's update function or 2) manually via the updates on this website. We strongly recommend you use the software's automatic update function, so that you are guaranteed of always having the latest version. When you start the Tacx Trainer software and your computer is connected to the Internet, you then automatically receive a notification when a new update is available.

To update the software manually, find the installation link below that is relevant to you and follow the instructions given by the installation program. The link that you must use to update the software depends on the version of the software that is installed on your computer. The current version of the Tacx Trainer software is displayed when you start the program. You can also find it by clicking Help - Over (Help - About) in the software. The version of the software for which the link is intended is stated with each link. The updates are suitable for both the Basic version and the Advanced version of the Tacx Trainer software.