Flow  T2200

If you need a trainer to work on your fitness level in a targeted and efficient manner without interactive options, then the Flow is ideal for you. You are not the only one because the entrance model ergotrainer was and still is many cyclists’ first experience with Tacx. The Flow is easy to use. The handlebar computer controls the electromagnetic brake and displays your heart rate, power output, speed and pedalling frequency. While training you can adjust the resistance and slope, choosing from 14 different positions. You can make the transition to an interactive trainer with the Upgrade i-Flow. This makes the Flow suitable for use with a PC and laptop. The Flow cannot be connected to a tablet or smartphone.

  • Software -
  • Operation Handlebar computer
  • Resistance unit Electro
  • Braking positions 14
  • Descent simulation -
  • Max brake power (10 sec.) 800 Watt
  • Sprint power (1 min.)  700 Watt
  • Mass inertia 11,81 kg 2

1 Flywheel effect: the higher the value, the more realistic the cycling experience

Not compatible with tablets and smartphones

Connect to Windows PC
Do you own a Tacx Flow and are you looking to get more out of your trainings? You can achieve this by connecting your trainer to your Windows computer. That way, you can train using the TTS 4, Basic.

To connect the Tacx Flow to your computer, the Upgrade Flow is required. This package contains the Tacx Trainer software 4, Basic, a control box that must be mounted on your handlebar and a cable which enables you to connect your trainer to your computer.

The Flow works with an electro brake. By placing magnets and electro magnets beside a rotating aluminium disc, eddy currents are created which generate an opposing magnetic field. In this way a non-contact, maintenance-free brake is realized that is also silent. Thanks to the electro brake a resistance can be set that you also experience on the road or in a climb.

The electro brake is suitable for an average training level. The gradient of the road is converted into resistance on the bike by creating a magnetic field. It can reliably simulate the road up to 7%. This brake does not simulate any descents.

Virtuele snelheid
The electro brake does not have a downhill drive, such as the motor brake of the i-Genius, and it generates less power while riding uphill. When you are cycling in a virtual terrain or in a film you can get outside the range for which the brake is intended. To allow cyclists with a motor brake and cyclists with an electro brake to ride races against each other in Multiplayer, Tacx has developed the virtual speed. This concept translatesthe energy supplied into a certain speed, which can guarantee a fair contest. If this speed differs from the speed at which the rear wheel is running, the virtual speed will be shown on the screen in red.

Operational range
Enter your details and check out the operational range of your trainer.
Body weight
Weight bicycle
The white lines in the graph shown above indicate the power, cycling speed and slope. The blue areas indicate the operational range: which resistance can the different resistance units apply at certain speeds and gradients and how realistic is the cycling experience?