Tools for Wheels  

Indispensable for everyone
who tinkers with the bicycle

Exact wheel truing stand T3175
For accurately checking height and sideways rotation. The wheel holders can be tilted forwards or backwards, so that the truing stand can be placed in any desired position. Fits on working surfaces with thickness between 2 and 5 cm and is suitable for wheels from 16 to 28 inches.

Tyre levers
Black T4610
Blue T4613
Red T4614
Light blue T4615

Cleaning brush T4590
Cassette cleaner T4595

Cone spanner
13 mm T4500
14 mm T4505
15 mm T4510
16 mm T4515
17 mm T4520
18 mm T4525
19 mm T4530
21 mm T4535
22 mm T4538

Sprocket remover
7 & 8 speed T4540
9 & 10 speed T4542

Cassette remover
Shimano HG T4545
Campagnolo T4547

BrakeShoe Tuner T4580
The BrakeShoe Tuner is indispensable for anyone who often tinkers with his bicycle. This ingenious tool enables the brake blocks to be set easily to the correct position. For optimum braking power the brake blocks – with the wheel rotating in the forward direction – and the rim are to touch at the correct angle, with a slight toe-in. The BrakeShoe Tuner is suitable for racing and mountain bike wheels, with up to 36 spokes and rims up to 40 mm.

Wheel alignment gauge T4585
With the wheel alignment gauge you can check whether the wheel is still perfectly in the centre, to prevent you from cycling crooked.

Spoke nipple key T4565
The spoke nipple key features the nipple sizes 13, 14 and 15 in one. Out of hardened steel and matt chrome plated.