Mitram chain lubricant spreader  T4770

Mitram chain lubricant
spreader is economical and efficient

Greasing without spilling
When greasing the bicycle chain you often spill a lot of lubricant. With the Mitram chain lubricant spreader, a handy new product by Tacx, you can now use the chain oil in a more efficient and economical way. The Mitram’s brush spreads the grease evenly on the chain, so you won’t unnecessarily dirty the rest of the bike. You can also take the Mitram with you on long trips in bad weather, to add extra lubricant when you are on the road.

Dynamic chain lubricant
The Mitram includes 35cc Dynamic chain lubricant. Dynamic often comes out as the best chain lubricant in comparative tests of the leading German cycle magazines. Dynamic is water-repellent and protects the chain against corrosion and wear.

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