Tacx Trainer software 4 Basic  T1990.05

* Google license, 1 year T1990.75
With a Google license a new world opens up in the Tacx Trainer software. You need a license to be able to use the functionalities. The Google license costs 30 euro for one year and is available through the TTS 4 and can be bought at the Tacx dealer.

** Multiplayer license, 1 year T1990.50
For Multiplayer, real-time web racing you need a license. The Multiplayer license costs 40 euro for 1 year and 25 euro for 6 months. The license is available through the TTS 4 and can be bought at the Tacx dealer.

The virtual world
becomes reality

The i-Vortex and i-Flow Virtual Reality trainers work with the Tacx Trainer software 4, Basic. This can be upgraded to Advanced if desired, but that is not a must. All complex features a real work-out fanatic uses, are omitted from the Basic version. But still there is more than enough to train in a scientific way and enjoy cycling in the virtual worlds that are so lifelike that they cannot be told apart anymore from the real world. The Basic software is an excellent starter and makes entertainment accessible to everyone.

Virtual Reality
The Tacx Trainer software 4, Basic contains two beautifully designed Virtual Reality terrains: the Valeggio road terrain in Italy and the Velodrome. Valeggio is completely new and equipped with roads with altitude differences and gradient percentages. 3D buildings and trees give the terrain a typical Italian character. Tacx Lighting creates the right atmosphere and recognizable sound makes the VR world complete. In the Basic software you always ride with one cyclist. If you want to ride races with more riders and compete against virtual, interactive opponents, then you should upgrade the software to Advanced.

Tacx films
With the software you can also cycle in films of well-known cycling races (optional). This makes the trainings sessions more enjoyable and adventurous. Tacx has already published many different films and there are more to come, from the Tour of Flanders and the Amstel Gold Race to the Mont Ventoux and the other famous Tour de France climbs.

Please note: Tacx films for the TTS4 are not compatible with the tablet application (Tacx Cycling app).

GPS rides
With GPS outdoor training rides can be completely relived at home. You easily import your data in the Tacx software and you can also create new routes yourself. Use of this feature requires a license.

Unlike Advanced, the Basic version of Catalyst does not contain preset training programs. Only free training is possible. You cannot import programs using the import function either, but you do have the possibility to download from the BikeNet, that is integrated in the Tacx software. Train focused and become a better rider step by step.

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Multiplayer enables you to race real-time against real opponents, anywhere in the world. For Malaya, the Tacx rider in the picture, the virtual world mingled with reality when he recently competed against Marianne Vos in a Multiplayer race. The world’s best female cyclist was wearing the rainbow jersey and she rode her bike with gold coloured handlebar tape. Riders from Italy, Great Britain, the United States and other countries also joined the race on the rolling Italian VR terrain, but obviously Malaya’s only goal was to beat the multiple world champion. Riding in his living room he started so fast that the race suddenly became very exciting. In the decisive climb Marianne Vos showed her class and she finally caught up with him. But by then Malaya had already lived an experience he would never forget.

Join the Tacx races
The beauty of Multiplayer is that you can also ride exciting races like the one depicted above. Take up the challenge and lose yourself in an interactive race on one square metre. Climb the famous mountains of the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia with various riders at the same time. Each race can contain up to ten opponents. To join the web racing through the Tacx server you need a license. When you buy the i-Genius Multiplayer you receive a Multiplayer license for a year. The other trainers give you a trial period of four weeks.

What is new is that winners and riders who organize a lot of races can win prizes, such as licenses for films. The more participants your races have, the higher your reward can be. After creating a race in the software, it will be announced via Facebook and through the calendar on the Tacx site.

 Feature overview
 Virtual Reality
Cycling against max. 10 opponents
Gameplay, virtual opponents
Customize VR rider's clothing and bicycle
VR terrains
Montagna, mountain terrain
Downhill Valley, MTB terrain
Valeggio, road terrain
Valeggio, criterium
Metropolitan, city
Metropolitan, criterium
Velodrome, Six-day
Paradise Island, triahtlon terrain
Golden Circle
 Tacx films
Choose from more than 100 titles, see collection > (not included)
Video Overlay, display riders positions
Video simulation, play film without cycling
Create and edit info pop-ups
 GPS rides
GPS training with Google features (license needed) *
Free training on slope, watt
Free training on slope, watt and heart rate
Preset and edit programs
Analyser, analyse scores
Option Multiplayer, real-time web racing (license needed) **
Import and export programs and scores
Link with BikeNet on Tacx website