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Professional training programmes
and fitness tests

Professional training programs and fitness tests for a scientific analysis. Train on heart rate, power, speed or cadence. Follow your development and become a better rider step by step

To measure is to know
Power, heart rate or gradient: with the Catalyst training programme to measure is to know. You can create programmes yourself or you can acquire through the website. With Catalyst 3D the schematic course is magically converted into a virtual course in which the camera follows the rider from behind. This turns tedious fitness training into a total adventure. The software is simple to operate, switching very quickly between the various on-screen options. You determine your favourite training setting yourself. Set it to full-screen or combine small format screens such as Real Life Video, Google Earth and the positions of the riders in a single display. This will enable you to see exactly where you are riding and how far you have still to go.

Tacx Trainer software 4, Basic

  • 2 computer animated Virtual Reality terrains
  • Realistic films of well-known races (optional)
  • Catalyst training programs

Software licenses

  • Upgrade to Advanced version (optional)
  • Multiplayer web racing 1 year or ½ year (optional)
  • GPS routes through Google Earth (optional)

Function overview TTS 4 Advanced and Basic

Catalyst training programs with slope and watt
Catalyst training programs with heart rate
Tacx films (Real Life Video & ErgoVideo)
GPS racing and Google functions *
Multiplayer, races through internet *
Virtual Reality
Montagna, mountainous terrain
Downhill Valley, MTB terrain
Vallegio, road terrain
Vallegio, criterium race
Metropolitan, city criterium race
Velodrome, Six-Days
Free training
Set and adjust programs in advance
Create info pop-ups and adjust existing ones
Import and export programs and scores
Connection with BikeNet on Tacx website
Analyser, to analyse scores afterwards
Video simulation, play film without cycling
VR Rider, adjust outfit and bicycle
Ride against opponents (max. 20)
Gameplay functions in VR terrains

* only with license

Recommended system requirements:
Processor P4, Double core 2.5 Ghz, Memory 3GB (X86), 4GB (X64) DDRIII, Free disk space 2 GB, Video card DirectX10 compatible 3D with 512 MB of memory (not shared memory) brand: ATI or Nvidia, Resolution 1920 x 1080, Sound card DirectSound compatible, Various 1 free USB port, DVD player, Operating system Windows 7.