Multiplayer web racing  

Multiplayer license, 1 year T1990.50
A Multiplayer license can be bought in the cycle shops or the Tacx web shop. For a period of 1 year or 6 months..

Race real-time against real opponents,
anywhere in the world

For Malaya, the Tacx rider in the picture, the virtual world mingled with reality when he recently competed against Marianne Vos in a Multiplayer race. Malaya’s only goal was to beat the multiple world champion in the race on the rolling Italian VR terrain. Riding in his living room he started so fast that the race suddenly became very exciting. In the decisive climb Marianne Vos showed her class and just before the finishing line she finally caught up with him and beat him. But by then Malaya had already lived an experience he would never forget.

Join the Tacx races
The beauty of Multiplayer is that everyone can ride exciting races such as the above. Take up the challenge and lose yourself in an interactive race on one square metre. Climb the famous mountains of the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia with various riders at the same time. Each race can contain up to ten opponents. To join the web racing through the Tacx server you need a license. When you buy the i-Genius Multiplayer you receive a Multiplayer license for a year. The other trainers give you a trial period of four weeks.

Win races and prizes
Winners and riders who organize a lot of races can win prizes, such as licenses for films. The more participants your races have, the higher your reward can be. After creating a race in the software, it will be announced via Facebook and through the calendar on the Tacx site.