GPS koersen  

Google license, 1 jaar T1990.75
With a Google license a new world opens up in the Tacx Trainer software. You can cycle in Google Earth, plan your own route and turn it into a lifelike experience through Google Street View. The Google license costs 30 euro for one year and is available through the Tacx online shop.

Cycling outdoors, going over it again indoors
with GPS data from Google Earthcompleenagereden

Real Life Training. With GPS everything is possible. Geographical data and 3D maps by Google Earth make it possible to relive your outdoor training ride completely at home. Lifelike, but without the disadvantages of outdoor cycling. No rain, no cold.

Ride outdoors, relive indoors  
You can easily import your data in the Tacx software. You can also create routes yourself through the route planner. In the view settings you select Google satellite or Google Street View. Your progress, and that of your opponents, is being displayed visually.