Training with Radioshack - Spain  T1957.19

A training camp on Mallorca

Preparing for the 2012 season, the riders of the new RadioShack-Nissan-Trek team came together for a training camp on Mallorca and they were joined by Tacx. Follow Frank and Andy Schleck and their team mates on a 82 kilometre, 2,5 hour ride on undulating tarmac roads past palm trees, rock formations and sleeping villages. The training ride ends on the Coll de sa Batalla, a tough climb in the beautiful north of the island with a length of 8 kilometres and an average incline of 5%. 

Suitable for the Tacx VR trainers i-Genius Multiplayer, i-Genius, i-Vortex, i-Flow, i-Magic, Fortius, Fortius Multiplayer and the ergotrainers, Bushido, Vortex and Flow which are linked to an Upgrade PC. 

Remark: This Real Life Video is only suitable for Tacx Trainer software from version 3.5 and 2.07 and not suitable for Fortius software version 2.04

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Training Radioshack-Nissan-Trek - Spain
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