Training with Pro team Astana - ES  T1957.16

An endurance training ride in the Costa Blanca area in Spain

A mountainous endurance training ride with the 2011 Astana Cycling Team in the Costa Blanca area in Spain. Starting just outside the town of Pego, the route heads south via Sagra and past lush orange groves to the climb to the village of Benimaurrell. After the ride down to the village of Jalon, you are then challenged by a great loop ride that takes you to the climb to Bernia and back to Jalon. This main ride is 65 km. As a bonus, you can also climb the 15 km to La Vall d’Ebo together with the team. 

Suitable for the Tacx VR trainers i-Genius Multiplayer, i-Genius, i-Vortex, i-Flow, i-Magic, Fortius, Fortius Multiplayer and the ergotrainers, Bushido, Vortex and Flow which are linked to an Upgrade PC. 

Remark: This Real Life Video is only suitable for Tacx Trainer software from version 3.5 and 2.07 and not suitable for Fortius software version 2.04

Only compatible with Windows PC (Tacx Trainer software) System requirements >
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Training with Astana
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