Bart Brentjens Challenge - NL  T1957.11

Are you ready for a challenge?

Join 1996 Olympic MTB champion Bart Brentjens and his team mates for the Bart Brentjens Classic. Conquer the hills and tracks in this marathon event through the most scenic area of the Netherlands, that is best known for the Amstel Gold Race. In between start and finish in Eijsden, just south of Maastricht, you can discover and enjoy the beautiful green countryside filled with challenging natural obstacles. At over 3 hours in length, this is the longest MTB ride that Tacx has ever filmed. Are you ready for the challenge? 

Suitable for the Tacx VR trainers i-Genius Multiplayer, i-Genius, i-Vortex, i-Flow, i-Magic, Fortius, Fortius Multiplayer and the ergotrainers, Bushido, Vortex and Flow which are linked to an Upgrade PC. 

Remark: This Real Life Video is only suitable for Tacx Trainer software from version 3.5 and 2.07 and not suitable for Fortius software version 2.04

Only compatible with Windows PC (Tacx Trainer software) System requirements >
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Bart Brentjens Challenge
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