Jockey wheels  

Spinning since the beginning!

All Tacx jockey wheels have closed bearings so that they’ll not get stuck, show play or squeak while cycling. Tacx jockey wheels are available for 10 teeth, 11 teeth, SRAM Race and SRAM MTB. Below you can figure out which jockey wheel fits your bike.
When used on a regular basis jockey wheels will start to show wear and work less efficiently. Cyclists who spend a lot of time on the bike are recommended to replace the wheels once a year. With new wheels the bicycle chain runs smoother and quieter and you will be able to shift gear more precisely.

Ceramic (Si3N4) with Teflon
These jockey wheels are perfect when you want to save as much energy as you can on long distance rides. Decreasing friction was key when developing this product. The bearings are made out of Si¬3N4, a kind of ceramic known for its low friction character, and lubricated with grease to minimize maintenance requirements. Teflon is added to the wheel, which reduces friction with the chain. Finally, a low-friction seal is used to reduce friction with the bearings to a minimum. All these aspects together make this a one of a kind jockey wheel with which you can save energy on a long ride, but also with regards to maintenance.

In case that you want to get the most out of a little investment, these jockey wheels are ideal. The bearings are made out of a standard kind of ceramic and lubricated with oil, so they run very smooth. The wheels are manufactured from a resin composite that is very resistant to wear and equipped with quality precision bearings. These jockey wheels offer high efficiency and run very smooth.

Stainless steel
For extreme circumstances, such as mountain biking or cyclo-cross, we have jockey wheels equipped with stainless steel bearings. They’re lubricated with grease and thus maintenance free. They last very long and keep on spinning, no matter the weather.

For cyclists searching for a simple jockey wheel, our standard bearings are very suitable. They last long, run smooth and are maintenance free.