Printing bottles  

A Tacx bottle printed with
a custom-made design

Bottle Promotions is a division of Dutch Tacx bv. Tacx is the world wide leader in the market for home-trainers for cyclists. Next to the basic product range, Tacx has also been producing professional water bottles for over 25 years.

Tacx bv has created Bottle Promotions within the company structure especially for the production of printed water bottles. Bottle Promotions' sales are directed at the promotional gift market. The enthusiastic team is known for its expertise and will counsel clients about the printing of promotional water bottles. The client receives expert en precise support during the entire project, from design to final product. Bottle Promotions' distinctive features are years of experience, supplying top quality products, excellent service and the ability to quickly anticipate changes in the market.

Because Bottle Promotions is a division of a larger structure the lines are short and clients' desires and needs can be addressed quickly. Tacx is an A-brand which ensures the highest quality in water bottles. The company has state of the art machines at its disposal and continually invests in new techniques. Bottle Promotions' expertise combined with Tacx guarantees optimum results and the client's success.